Tourists Post-Pandemic: Where Did They Come From?

This summer, a great increase in French and UK tourism was recorded in comparison to the same period in 2019.

The country from which Greece receives the largest number of arrivals and revenue overall may be Germany, followed by the UK, but the biggest increase recorded compared to previous years (2021 and 2019), is the UK and France.

French and British tourism to Greece reached far higher numbers this year than in 2019, when comparing rates recorded last July and in the overall seven months of the summer season.


In terms of recorded arrival and revenue rates, the greatest change was marked for UK tourists visiting Greece. Compared to 2021, British tourism in both July and the seven-month period soared. Specifically, revenue from British tourism was up 342.8% in July and 171.6% for the whole seven-month period, and arrivals went up 658.7% and 357.9%, compared to in 2021.

When comparing instead to 2019, a record year for Greek tourism, French visitors contributed to the highest revenue rise (18,7% in July and 33,8% in the seven-month season) this year. Looking at arrival changes compared to 2019, the highest recorded rise in numbers was also from France in the seven-month period, while the Brits made the biggest leap in July. 

On the other hand, the absence this year of Russian tourists was more than evident for obvious reasons, while in relation to 2019, American tourist arrival numbers as well as revenue figures were also lower during the seven-month period.


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