Blue Magazine: Piraeus Could Become Europe’s “Most Celebrated Seaside Metropolis”

Aegean Airlines suggests Piraeus as a destination that’s worth exploring way beyond its port.

There are many reasons why the city of Piraeus is an underrated destination. Home to the largest port in Europe in terms of passenger traffic (and the largest in the eastern Mediterranean overall), to many travelers, Piraeus has become synonymous with its quays, serving merely as a stop en route to the islands.

As you look back at it from the deck of a ferryboat, the city isn’t particularly picturesque. To appreciate it, you need to dig a bit deeper, away from the industrial hubbub of the port and into the city itself, where, as a reward you’ll find everything from stately historical buildings to pedestrian areas lining quaint marinas, ancient ruins, a plethora of great restaurants, and ample charm.


In a special feature in Blue Magazine, Aegean Airlines’ onboard magazine, travelers can read all about the port city and why it deserves attention as more than just a quick stopover.

Besides its historical importance, the article emphasizes that Piraeus is currently undergoing a major transformation. Luxury hotels, art galleries and museums are opening and the picturesque Mikrolimano harbor has gotten a facelift, not to mention that it will soon be easier to reach (three new metro stops will connect the area directly with the airport). It’s already easier to get around the city, thanks to the opening of a new circular tram line in December.

“The city is changing, evolving and looking forward to the future with an optimism born from the successful makeovers of other major European ports, such as Hamburg and Rotterdam, which transformed them into modern metropolises,” it states.

Those who get their hands on the publication will find all the tips they need in the extensive guide, including information about important cultural stops, like the Archeological Museum of Piraeus and the Hellenic Maritime Museum in Freattyda, as well as the newly renovated Municipal Theatre, a landmark building just a short walk from the port. It also includes recommendations for shopping in the city’s iconic markets, and dining and drinking in the area’s many, many excellent establishments for lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. Among them, of course, the best fish restaurants. This is, after all, a seaside destination.

Complementing the article is a second feature, a fashion photo shoot set in some of Piraeus’ most emblematic places: in its famous port, the deck of the floating museum “Hellas Liberty,” at the old Hellenic Railways roundhouse, at the Yacht Club, at the local favorite taverna Eidikon, and on a sailboat in the sea.


You can sneak a peek at the shoot in the video above.

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