City of Athens and Mastercard Partner to Offer Unique Experiences

The campaign “Athens Exclusive Experiences for Mastercard Cardholders” seeks to familiarize visitors with the capital and its lesser-known attractions.

Who would be able to forget having a conversation with ‘Plato’ about love at the same spot where the ancient Athenians would gather to discuss profound matters?

The experiences that never truly end are those that stay in our hearts and minds forever because we have lived them with all of our senses. And these are the types of 4-hour experiences being offered in Athens to Mastercard cardholding French tourists in the context of a partnership between the credit card company and the Municipality of Athens.


Those who will choose the gastronomic experience will walk through the city’s open-air food markets and purchase the ingredients they will use to cook their own Greek dishes under the guidance of a chef at a central Athens restaurant.

Others will have the opportunity to take part in a interactive symposium with Plato and other Athenian luminaries as portrayed by trained actors. Together they will discuss romantic and erotic love in the same location where the ancient philosopher once held court.

In the third experience, participants will be treated to a detailed tour of the Parthenon during which the ancient myths hidden in the ruins will be revealed. Then, following ancient paths they will head to the National Observatory of Athens where professional astronomers will point out constellations and explain how these relate to the ancient sites.

These unique experiences have been designed for Mastercard holders to promote Athens in the French market as a destination in and of itself. Authorities are trying to build on the city’s emerging reputation as a city break destination which since 2013 has seen a 648 percent rise in the number of international visitors.

According to the latest data collected by the City of Athens, Athens International Airport and Aegean Airlines, the capital saw a 25 percent rise in international arrivals in the first five months of the year, and 40 percent said they came to Greece to visit Athens, rather than the Greek islands.

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