An Art Stop Before Heading to the Greek Islands

The port city of Piraeus welcomes Enia Gallery, a new and exciting contemporary art space

If you asked me which area of the capital would become synonymous with fashion, I would pick the area between the School of Fine Arts in Tavros until below the Kerani factory in Piraeus. The area has all the specifications to become the next victim of gentrification – full of warehouses and factories, it maintains an industrial character so beloved by artistic types, and lots of unexploited spaces that are ripe for exploitation.

“It’s an industrial zone of particular beauty. I think Piraeus will be the new, improved Psyrri,” says Dimitris Lyberopoulos, who recently opened a new 860 sq. m. gallery overlooking the port. Enia Gallery is housed in an old pictureframe and curtain pole factory, which belonged to his father.

The new exhibition space is divided into three sections and specializes in modern art. How did he decide to open the gallery, given that sales in galleries have fallen? “If this venue didn’t belong to me, I wouldn’t have done it,” says Lyberopoulos. “But I am very optimistic.”

Until March 4, 2017, the galery will house the group exhibition “Back to basics: Uncanny” under the custody of Artemidos Potamianou. Artists such as Lanfranco Aceti, Elisabeth Penker, Simon Macewan, Micha Cattaui, Angelos Antonopoulos and others are participating.


Enia Gallery

Mesologgiou 55, Piraeus  • Tel. (+30) 210.461.9700

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