Google Searches for 7 Greek Destinations Increase Dramatically

A huge interest among travelers to visit Greece this year is confirmed by data tracking the online searches for seven of the country’s most popular destinations.

Strong interest has been observed in terms of online searches during the first half of 2022, for 7 top Greek destinations (Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Rhodes, and Crete’s Elounda), studied by Tourix, a company specializing in Tourism Marketing. Based on the recovery index, the company measures the change in the volume of online searches made internationally for accommodation in each of these destinations, in relation to the previous year and also to 2019, which is a reference point for tourism.

Athens – 258% increase

For the first half of 2022, the total volume of online searches for accommodation in Athens is 65% ​​higher in comparison to 2019 and an 258% compared to 2021. Most people searching for accommodation appear to be from the USA, the UK, followed by France, Germany and Italy by a large margin. Compared to 2019, the 3 countries with the largest increase in total search volume for the first half of 2022 are the US (up 101%), the UK (up 75%) and Germany (up 71%).

Thessaloniki – 239% increase

51% more searches were conducted for hotels in Thessaloniki compared to 2019 – 239% more compared to 2021. Those most interested, going by these searches, seem to be travelers from Germany, Cyprus and the United Kingdom, with Romania trailing a little behind in fourth place. The largest increase in interest since 2019 is noted for the USA (65% increase), Germany (47% increase) and the United Kingdom (37% increase).

Santorini – 103% increase

The searches for accommodation on Santorini are also up, with  the total volume of online searches up 42% compared to 2019 and 103% compared to 2021. The top countries in terms of searches for accommodation in Santorini for 2022 it is, by far, the United Kingdom and the USA, followed by France and Italy. It is worth noting that the search statistics indicate French and American tourism may to be increasing the most, with an 89% and 66% increase in searches since 2019 recorded, respectively.

Mykonos – 94% increase

The island of Mykonos shows an increased volume of searches for accommodation from most of the countries monitored by Tourix. Compared to 2019, there’s a 46% increase in total online searches, and a 94% increase since 2021. The top countries in terms of searches are the UK, USA and Italy, with Germany and France rounding out the top five. The 3 countries with the largest increase in searches compared to the corresponding period of 2019 are France (86% increase), the USA (75% increase) and Germany (60% increase).

Naxos – 92% increase

Another island for which online searches are soaring is Naxos. The total amount of searches for accommodation is 55% higher than in 2019, and a 92% higher than in 2021. People looking for accommodation on the island appear to be mainly from Germany, the USA and the UK, and Italy. The countries with the largest percentage increase in search volume compared to 2019 are the US (71% increase), Germany (55% increase) and France (53% increase).

Rhodes – 152% increase

The tourism demand for the island of Rhodes remains on a significant rise. For the first half of 2022, there’s an increase in the total volume of online searches for accommodation in Rhodes by 73% compared to 2019, and an increase of 152% compared to 2021. The countries from which search volume is particularly high are the UK and Germany, followed by France and the Netherlands. In terms of increase in searches compared to in 2019, there’s a 99% increase in searches from Germany, a 69% increase from France, and a 64% increase from the Netherlands.

Elounda, Crete – 107% increase

There was a significant increase in the total volume of online searches for accommodation in Elounda, on Crete, as well (65% compared to 2019 and 107% compared to 2021). The top 2 countries from where people type Elounda into their search engines are the UK and Germany, followed by France and the USA by a large margin. The highest increase in searches compared to 2019 was recorded from Germany (121% increase), Austria (97% increase) and Switzerland (77%).


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