Greece’s 21 Best Wines

Greek wine platform named the country’s best wines in 2021, based on the ratings and reviews from 50.000 consumers.

Research conducted by has resulted in the crowning of the 21 best Greek wines. 50.000 consumers, oenologists and sommeliers participated in rating thousands of wines sold on the site, and consumed in 2021.

At the top of the list, as Greece’s best wine, is the internationally renowned and priced Cuvee Monsignori from the Argyros Estate on Santorini. It takes its unusual name from the word Santorinians use for their old vines; the monsignori are the over 200-year-old ungrafted vines, undamaged by the phylloxera pest, that still grow in its vineyards today.


In second place we find Bucephale from the Ligas Winery in Pella, made with the most concentrated fruit from old vines, fermented with indigenous yeasts and matured for 18 months in French, oak barrels. A natural wine, it’s bottled unfiltered and without any other interventions. Produced in limited quantity, it’s purchased before it’s even bottled and exported to the best restaurants in the world.

Third on the list is one of the few Greek wines that has established itself as much abroad as in Greece, scoring high and receiving excellent distinctions: the Alpha Estate’s Xinomavro Reserve. The “Barba Giannis” vineyards, with pre-phylloxera vines planted in 1919, provide the excellent fruit for this world-class wine.

Here’s is the complete list of Greece’s 21 best wines, according to

  1. Cuvee Monsignori, Argyros Estate
  2. Bucephale, Ligas Winery
  3. Xinomavro Reserve, Alpha Estate
  4. Ftelos Santorini Artemis Karamolegos Winery
  5. Le Roi des Montagnes Cuvee Papargyriou Winery
  6. Moschopolis 18 Moschopolis Winery
  7. Driopi Reserve Driopi Estate
  8. Elia Vidiano Karavitakis Vineyards
  9. Rilancio Sangiovese Karipidis Winery
  10. Adagio Day Five Jima Winery
  11. Earth and Sky Thymiopoulos Vineyards
  12. Le Sang de la Pierre Aivalis Winery
  13. Ramnista Kir Yianni
  14. Moschopolis 24 Moschopolis Winery
  15. Tear of the Pine Kechris Winery
  16. Rose de Xinomavro Thymiopoulos Vineyards
  17. L’ Esprit du Lac Kir Yiannis
  18. Amuse Rose Muses Estate
  19. Bold Karavitakis Vineyards
  20. Naoussa Kelesidi Winery
  21. F by Foivos Papastratis


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