Greek Hotels Ranked Top in General Satisfaction Index

According to the latest data indices for August, hotels in Greece came first in general customer satisfaction, edging out other Mediterranean competitors.

Hotels in Greece this August ranked first place in the general satisfaction index, according to INSETE data. With an average score of 85.5%, Greek hotels beat other competitive destinations across Mediterranean Europe. The country has now held the top position for eight consecutive months in 2022 (with an average score of 87.3%), edging out Turkey, Italy, France, Croatia and Cyprus, which also consistently scores highly.

According to the latest data, Greek hotels are on their way to repeating the highs of 2019, ranking first place in a series of indicators. For instance, Greek hotels recorded excellent performance ratings for August in the cleaning sector (91.4%), while overall service (88.6%), location (87.4%) and value for money (85%) were also very high. Rooms, food and drink, and entertainment scored lower than 85% were won in terms of room, food and drink, but also entertainment.


The highest performance along the indices was recorded by five-star (87%) and three-star hotels (85.6%). For August, the satisfaction index for one- two- and four-star hotels stood at 85.1% and 84.8% respectively.

On the Greek islands, the highest levels of satisfaction were recorded for hotels in the Cyclades (89.1%), followed by the North Aegean (85.9%), Crete (84.9%), the Dodecanese (83.8%) and the Ionian Islands (81.4%). It is worth noting that by analyzing the individual indicators, the Cyclades maintained top ranking with almost perfect score of 96.2% for cleanliness.

In the highest position of satisfaction for mainland Greece as a whole is Epirus (with 90.8%), followed by Central Macedonia (86.8%), Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (86.6%), Thessaly (86.5%), Peloponnese (86.3%). Lower are Central Greece (84.6%) and Attica (83.4%).

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