On Location in Greece, the New Film Hub for Netflix and Others

18 international productions, including the much-anticipated sequel to Rian Johnson's “Knives Out,” are scheduled to be shot in Greece in 2021.

As many as 18 international movies will be shot in Greece in 2021. These foreign productions are expected to bring in around €90 million in revenue, according to Venia Vergou, director of the Hellenic Cinema Center. “We’ve managed, through coordinated action, to show that it’s possible to continue shooting in Greece, even during the pandemic,” she said.

One of the movies set to be filmed in Greece is the sequel to Rian Johnson’s Academy Award-nominated comedy-mystery “Knives Out,” starring Daniel Craig. Just recently, Netflix acquired the rights to the Agatha Christie-themed sequels for the impressive sum of $450 million. Greek sources say that filming locations will be in the Argosaronic area and will include Porto Heli and the island of Spetses. Shooting is expected to start in the end of June.


The demands that come with such large-scale productions will prove challenging for the National Center of Audiovisual Media and Communications, which manages investment incentives for film productions, and will push both the available studio spaces and human resources to their limits.

Nevertheless, the fact that the sequel to “Knives Out” will be seen worldwide through the Netflix platform and that the advertising campaign for the film will target a global audience sends a positive message regarding Greece as a moviemaking destination.

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