Plans to Guard Ancient Greek Monuments Against Climate Change

Protecting Greece's many archeological sites against extreme weather conditions is becoming all the more important due to changes in our environment.

A working group of the Culture Ministry has stressed the need for protection and risk management plans, custom-made for each individual ancient monument, in view of the adverse impact the climate crisis could have on them.

Although the threat is not immediate and universal, archaeological sites and museums are at risk of extreme events such as fires and floods, the group noted.

According to Culture Minister Lina Mendoni, climate change is forcing a reassessment of the boundaries of the archaeological protection zones and the parameters of environmental impact studies, and cited the example of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on the northern Aegean island of Samothrace, which faces problems from adjacent streams and heavy rainfall.

The changes will be included in the Environment Ministry’s climate law, which is in consultation until Christmas.

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