Greece Is Islands 2020 Will Be Available in Shops This Weekend!

Our latest issue provides our broadest look at the islands to date as we seek to capture the true essence of the Greek summer. Here's where to get it.

Our latest issue, Greece Is Islands 2020 (English version) will be available this weekend (18-19/07) together with the New York Times International Edition – Kathimerini English Edition wherever international press is sold in Greece.

But even if you are not able to get your hands on a copy in stores – fear not; the internet, as always offers a solution. Greece Is Islands 2020 (both the Greek and English versions) is also available to order right now at our e-shop!


Like past issues of our magazines, it can be delivered to anywhere in the world at only only the cost of postage and packaging.

About Greece Is Islands 2020

2020 has been a year of a lot of firsts, and unfortunately many have not been of the good kind. Yet even in this period of uncertainty, we at Greece Is believe that it is as important as ever to continue to do everything we can to help travelers near and far explore the wonderful country we call home.

And so we are very proud to announce the release of our newest print issue: Greece Is Islands!

This special edition is itself a first. It is the first issue we are dedicating to the Greek islands – and the joy of the Greek summer itself – as a whole. It is also the first edition we are releasing in both Greek and English versions.

We sincerely hope that this issue provides a few rays of warm sunshine to all lovers of Greece – both those who will face the headwinds and make it to the country this summer, and the many others who will understandably postpone their visits for more settled times.

To further introduce this issue, below is the letter from the editor from Greece Is Islands 2020:


A sun-drenched issue for an unpredictable summer

by Giorgos Tsiros, Editor-in-Chief, Greece Is


All predictions on how this summer will unfold are fraught with risk, but I will hazard one nonetheless.

Our islands, even the most tourism-friendly ones, those geared for mass arrivals by charter flight or cruise ship, will move this summer at a more human, agreeable pace, and will have a chance to re-examine their tourism business models.

Those who open up – shops, hotels, tourist offices – will have no choice but to offer the highest quality services, to present their best selves. The stakes are high – for many, their very survival. This is a dance that takes two – the tourism professionals on the one hand, and the travelers and vacationers on the other. For their part, those vacationing this summer will be better informed and more demanding. No one has money to throw away in the present circumstances.

Greece kicks off the season aiming for a low bar – it is widely recognized that the previous years’ achievements in terms of arrivals and takings are out of reach – but with an enormous comparative advantage: its global recognition as a country that met the moment and stayed safe against the pandemic. The trust that the country earned is the strongest foundation on which to rebuild its tourism.

In this issue, we have worked hard to convey our accumulated knowledge of many years – even decades – of summers, each writing about their own island, in stories that embody the state of mind of the Greek summer. In spite of the setbacks that are beyond our control – a festival canceled, a favorite restaurant closed – the bigger picture remains unchanged. The Greek islands – those we managed to squeeze into this 200-page issue and all the others, equally amazing and beloved, that we will continue to cover through our website, – remain irresistible, welcoming, enthralling: each a microcosm offering the visitor a small road map to summer joy.

A very good summer to all. We all need and deserve it.


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