This “Secret Paradise” Island Boasts Great Food, According to Financial Times and The Sun

Foreign press are raving about this Greek island, known mostly for its wild nature and hiking paths, but not (yet) for its incredible food.

On a “gourmet retreat” on Andros, visitors enjoy the opportunity to meet with both chefs, farmers and beekeepers, a tribute to the island in the Financial Times described last week. The article follows another recent travelogue in The Sun, where the island is referred to as a “fairyland.”

Although until now it has remained a well-kept secret, The Sun stated that according to new data on travel habits, Andros will soon be the next popular stop for foreign tourists – even for the off-peak months. The wild natural landscapes, the impressive lighthouses, the extensive hiking network, the unique monasteries, the warm smiles of the locals and the multitude of untouched exotic beaches all serve to underline the authenticity of Andros. The island has remained unchanged over the years, according to the extensive tribute, organized in consultation with the Municipality of Andros and the network of local businesses, CTN Andros.

Gastronomic destination


The extensive tribute in the Financial Times is on the same wavelength, highlighting fresh fish, wild honey and the trend of “slow food,” – revealing a hidden dimension of the destination, the gastronomy in Andros, which is deeply rooted in history, culture, religion, and the hearts of its people.

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