Greek City Becomes Member of Unesco’s Network of Gastronomy

Thessaloniki has become the first Greek city to join Unesco's Network of Creative Cities of Gastronomy.

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Yale Launches New Study on the Health Benefits of Olives

“Olives for Health,” a new research project by Yale University, will assess the health benefits associated with the daily consumption of table olives.

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Pine Honey Threatened as Wildfires Destroy Hives and Forests

As wildfires raged across Greece in early August, the beekeepers of northern Evia take stock of the devastation of the region's pine forests and bee population.

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Aegina Fistiki Fest 2021

Aegina island's pistachio festival lures foodies, musicians and artists to the Saronic island in September.

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New Rules for Greek Restaurants & Entertainment Venues Today

Signs at the doors now indicate whether a venue is "Covid-free."

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Rare Treasures of the Tatoi Wine Cellar are Revealed

Among the thousands of rare objects preserved at the former royal estate of Tatoi, a large collection of historic wines and spirits is of particular scientific and cultural value.

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Campaign Launched to Boost Greek Wine Tourism

While many Greek wine labels are now available internationally, few tourists know to visit one of the country's many wineries open to visitors.

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Cretan Olive Oil Gets PGI Designation

Only oil producers on the island may use the name “Crete” to promote their products, considered widely to be some of the best olive oils in the world.

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