Greek TV Adaptation of Victoria Hislop Book

Following the huge success of "To Nissi" in 2010, a TV adaptation of Victoria Hislop's 2018 book “Cartes Postales from Greece” will premier on Saturday.

Greek state broadcaster ERT on Saturday premieres a new series inspired by Victoria Hislop’s “Cartes Postales from Greece,” a drama of one man’s odyssey, narrated through a series of postcards.

The series comprises 12 stories told in as many episodes, shot on location in Crete and London, penned by Hislop, along with screenwriters Nikos Apeiranthitis, Alexandra Katsarou and Dora Masklavanou.

They star Andreas Konstantinou in a recurring role and are directed by Giorgos Papavassileiou.

Hislop, author of the award-wining “The Island,” was made an honorary Greek citizen in 2020 in recognition of her love for the country.

The first episode of “Cartes Postales” airs on ERT1 at 11 p.m. The series is in Greek.

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