Why There’s No Chaos at the Greek Airports

While other airports across Europe are experiencing unprecedented delays and chaos at their terminals, travelers report things are fine in Greece.

In an extensive reportage, German financial newspaper Handelsblatt analyzes the unprecedented chaos observed in the middle of the tourist season at many European airports. Among other things, attention is given to Greece: “Things are going somewhat better in Greece. Passengers report waiting only a few minutes at security checks, and baggage claim operates without delays. ‘So far we are not facing any problems in air and passenger traffic’ says the press office of the Athens International Airport, while also referring to the ‘domino effect in the travel chain’ which could lead to problems. The latter would mainly concern delays in the arrival of planes from other overburdened European airports.”

The article recalls that the German Fraport took over the management of regional airports in Greece five years ago, investing 440 million euros in their modernization.


“At some airports traffic numbers have reached 2019 levels. […] According to the Airports Council International Europe (AIC), Greece has now become the first country to return to pre-2019 levels in terms of air traffic. This is thanks to legislation passed by the Greek parliament due to traffic congestion at the country’s airports in 2019. From May to October, it pays bonuses to air traffic controllers with few delays. And it works: According to preliminary data, flight time accuracy this June improved by 70% compared to 2019.”

This article was previously published in Greek at moneyreview.gr.

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