Podcast: Sense in the City of Athens

Rediscover Athens with the Alexia Amvrazi’s new podcast.

Inspired by the book Sense and the City Paris by Ruby Boukabou, the podcast series with the same name aims to acquaint visitors and residents with the world’s capitals. In the Athenian version of the podcast, presenter Alexia Amvrazi, author of the book “111 Places in Athens that you shouldn’t miss,” aspires to showcase the city through different perspectives, people, places, and sensory experiences.

“It’s not your usual run-of-the-mill tourist guide. Instead, we’re going to rediscover Athens with depth, originality, authenticity, and a dose of quirkiness,” she explains. Equipped with ten years of experience in radio, Amvrazi guides the listener through a vast array of different experiences around the city of Athens for the purposes of the podcast.

If the first two episodes are any indication, listeners will definitely not miss the visuals.

In the first episode, Amvrazi takes us along the laiki agora (market) on her quest to find the ingredients for the summer Greek dish “papoutsakia” (stuffed aubergines) which at the end of the show she also cooks. The episode perfectly captures the vibe of a summer walk in the laiki agora, which is, indeed, an ASMR-worthy experience.

In the second episode, she changes gears by chatting with Donald Robertson, psychotherapist, and author of the book “How to think like a Roman.” During this episode, Robertson and Amvrazi explore Athens by demystifying the Hellenistic principles of stoic philosophy and proposing ways to apply them in the modern world.

So what can we expect from Sense and the City Athens? Although the podcast is still in its early stages, Amvrazi seeks to explore nearby islands as well and even create a podcast based on a particular sense. “Each episode is going to be different both in style and context, invoking different moods and stimulating all the senses-but always fun and entertaining,” she shares.

Listen to the podcast here.

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