7 Selected Retsina Labels

This exclusively Greek wine with its unique flavor has survived for millennia and is now ready to reclaim its place in our hearts

According to EU legislation, retsina is a traditional wine that can only be produced in Greece and in accordance with the terms of Greek law. On the labels, the word Retsina must be accompanied by the term “traditional appellation”.

1. Stelios Kechris Domaine / Tear of the Pine / Assyrtiko

Citrus, herbs, mastic gum and honeysuckle come together in a noble retsina that has balance, finesse, aroma and spice.

2. Gaia Wines / Ritinitis Nobilis / Savatiano

Golden in color, it encompasses the aroma of the pine forest, with wild bay, mastic gum and dried coriander, as well as mixed peppers.

3. Gikas Winery / Ritinitis 2012 / Assyrtiko

Refreshing acidity and fruit aromas balance the herbal tones of the resin and create a lasting, pleasant aftertaste.

4. Kamara Wines / Retsina / Assyrtiko, Roditis

Intense fruity aromas underline the robust quality of the resin in a complex blend that evokes citrus, with strong acidity and a good mouthfeel.

5. Mylonas Wines / Retsina / Savatiano

This wine has its own distinctive personality, replete with flower blossoms and fruits, and with smooth, discreet tannins.

6. Papagiannakos Domaine / Retsina Mesogaia / Savatiano

Its clear color, with a slight tint of green, prepares you for a mouth of fruit with perfectly balanced herbal and resin notes, all in a smooth, refreshing wine.

7. Domaine Vassiliou / Retsina of Attica / Savatiano

Made only with Savvatiano, this retsina retains its dynamic character and gives the resin the starring role. It is a full, dry white, with a touch of spice, and a perfect companion for all sorts of mezedes.


Retsina is the perfect wine to serve with all kinds of Greek meze and entrees, from spit-roasted lamb or offal-stuffed kokoretsi, to fried whitebait, grilled sardines or fish fillets cooked in a fresh tomato sauce. It also pairs well with pasta dishes, particularly those with strong Mediterranean flavors such as pesto sauce. Retsina has an alcohol content of 12 to 12.5 percent and is best served chilled at 10C. Despite the taverna tradition of serving retsina in small tumblers, it is in fact better to avoid serving it in a stemless glass, as the body heat from the drinker’s hand will quickly warm the wine, and retsina simply doesn’t taste as good if it’s not cold.

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