Saving the World: Watch Monika’s Moving Tribute to Medical Workers

The internationally renowned Greek singer songwriter has released a video of her new song, with all Youtube proceeds to be donated to medical staff

Singer songwriter Monika has just released a video of “Saving the World”, her latest song which is dedicated to the “everyday heroes” on the front-line of the battle against COVID-19.

The video features simple but moving cardboard cut outs intercut with shots of the singer. All of the proceeds generated by its Youtube plays are to be donated to support low income medical staff, according to the singer’s official web page.

The lyrics, penned by Stavros Xenides include lines such as, “Everyday heroes / Inspiring the present / Helping us find / Deep in our soul we’re free again / Deep in our fear we’re strong again”

On her site, Monika writes of her new song:

“Nothing I say or do can ever show the gratitude I feel for the medical staff and all the people working in hospitals during the COVID-19 outbreak. I did feel that the least I can do for them is to sit at my piano and try to express all the things we all experience and keep inside. From the doctors and nurses to the sanitation workers, you were my inspiration for this song and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“The song is called Saving The World and much to my surprise, it became a global initiative, adopted by true forward thinking companies and individual influencers all having in mind one simple goal: To give back to these everyday heroes that are Saving The World.

“With 100% of the songs proceeds from YouTube being donated to the national health service of each country the song is released in, we can proudly say that we are making a difference with every YouTube view! I think we learned a lot through this crisis but the thing that humanity experienced for the first time is that we are all one and that our collective action can really make a difference.

“In that spirit, I urge you to share this song and help the people in your country that go to war, day in and day out, with nothing but a mask and a pair of gloves – our everyday heroes saving the world.”

Monika is the stage name of Monika Christodoulou, who began her music career in Athens to great domestic acclaim with two platinum albums. She went on to launch an international career with her third album “Secret in the Dark,” in 2015, recorded in New York.

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