The Spiciest Corners in Athens

Thai, Japanese, Indian & Chinese food at the city center

At FURIN KAZAN (2 Apollonos St • Tel.: (+30) 210.322.9170) one often sees a few Japanese having a meal – a promising sign. Book a table, or you may have to wait. KOI (15 Nikis  • Tel.: (+30) 210.321.1099) also flirts with Japanese cuisine – maki, nigiri and great salads – and gets popular acclaim on account of its very reasonable prices. Fancy some Indian? In the same neighborhood you will find INDIAN KITCHEN (6B Apollonos • Tel.: (+30) 210.323.7720), with its small, cozy dining room, serving delicious chicken tikka masala and many other dishes, from fairly hot to blazing.

If you yearn for sweet-and-sour, crispy Peking duck and spicy Szechuan beef, try EAST PEARL (2 Apollonos & Nikis • Tel.: (+30) 210.321.1218). JING (13 Nikis • Tel.: (+30) 211.215.9352) gives the impression of being two restaurants in one: The ground floor is modern and sparse, while upstairs the decor is traditional Chinese. The menu offers a wide selection, from fried or steamed dumplings to duck in orange sauce.

ATTIC MOON (10-12 Xenofontos • Tel.: (+30) 210.322.7095), in addition to Chinese favorites -including wonderful hot-and-sour soup- it also offers a choice of Thai dishes, while TAMARIND (51 Kerameikou • Τel. (+30) 210.522.5945 • specializes in authentic Thai cuisine, offering abundantly spicy, yet refreshing, dishes in generous portions, perfect for sharing.


FURIN KAZAN: 2 Apollonos St • Tel.: (+30) 210.322.9170

KOI: 15 Nikis • Tel.: (+30) 210.321.1099


INDIAN KITCHEN: 6B Apollonos • Tel.: (+30) 210.323.7720

EAST PEARL: 2 Apollonos & Nikis • Tel.: (+30) 210.321.1218

JING: 13 Nikis • Tel.: (+30) 211.215.9352

ATTIC MOON: 10-12 Xenofontos • Tel.: (+30) 210.322.7095

TAMARIND: 51 Kerameikou • Τel. (+30) 210.522.5945 

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