The Ultimate Greek Destination Guide for Influencers

If these nine destinations are not already on your feed, they belong on your bucket list.

Social media is becoming an increasingly vital part of tourism. On Greece’s most popular islands, it’s shaping everything from advertising to interior design. Most consider it a good thing, and many business owners are open to influencer collaborations.

Meanwhile, from an Instagrammer’s point of view, the lesser-known destinations also provide abundant charm and the opportunity to shoot the sights without having to wait your turn.


Here are our 9 favorite influencer-approved Greek destinations:

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1 Olympos, Karpathos

The traditional village of Olympos, on Karpathos, is special in many ways. Many travel here to experience the serenity of what seems to be a place where time has stood still; wandering around the village, you might see women working their looms, artists painting ceramic plates, or a cobbler at work on a pair of boots. But besides that, Olympos is also about as picturesque as villages come. The view of it from afar, like legos on a hill against a blue sky, begs to be photographed, as do the traditional houses, with dream-like views from every balcony.


In the high season, try and get there before 11:00 or after 17:30 to avoid the crowds.

Read more about Olympos and Karpathos here.

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2 Sarakiniko & Syrmata, Milos

Two incredible backdrops are not to be missed on the island of Milos.


An entirely volcanic creation, Milos was built over eons by successive underwater eruptions, and the beaches reflect it. It’s most famous swimming spots look like moonscapes, and plenty of fashion brands and influencers love it for outfit shoots. Cliff jumping here also makes for great content. If you wish for those dreamy shots of Sarakiniko (the most famous beach of all) without people, aim to visit off-season or at sunrise.

Equally popular for photos are the syrmata – the colorful boathouses dug out of the rock where Milos’ fishermen store their boats in the winter.

Influencers Laura and Nicolas Herbert, with 261 thousand followers, say about Milos: “This Greek island has it all! The most amazing beaches, cute villages, good food… And the most incredible landscapes.”

Read more here.

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3 Oia, Santorini

Of course, no tour of the Greek islands would be complete without a visit to Santorini, and Oia is without a doubt the most popular village among igers. Most recommend visiting in the low-season, or, if it’s busy, waking up early and shooting most of your content at sunrise. During the day, when it can be difficult to get those perfect shots on the steps and in the alleys due to the crowds, and for the obligatory sunset shots, a hotel pool area is your best option.


Here you’ll find our entire archive of articles about Santorini.

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4 Yialos, Symi

Sometimes compared by bloggers to one of their favorite destinations worldwide, Positano, Symi is quickly becoming a bucket list staple among instagrammers. The colorful neoclassical buildings built amphitheatrically around the port, Yialos, makes a beautiful backdrop, and the Kali Strata, the steps connecting Yialos to the village Ano Symi, make for incredible shots of the port from above for those who travel without a drone.


Read more about why instagrammers love Symi here.

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5 Meteora

Meteora’s remarkable natural pillars once attracted devout hermits. Today, they’re equally popular with hikers, rock climbers, pilgrims, and influencers.


Tip: While more and more travel bloggers and influencers are making their way here, you can still get unique shots with the pillars and monasteries by using a drone, or, go all in and book a private sunrise or sunset balloon ride, complete with customary champagne. You can read all about that here.

Instagram’s own official account posted a photo of Meteora last year. It currently has over 1,8 million likes.

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6 Pyrgi, Chios

One of Chios’ stunning medieval mastic villages (mastichochoria), named thus for the mastic industry that long underpinned their economies, is Pyrgi, famous for the black-and-white geometrical patterns on the village houses – “etchings” formed using the black sand from Mavra Volia and drawn with a fork on a thin undercoat of lime.


You can read more about Chios here.

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7 Little Venice, Mykonos

A classic choice for a reason, Mykonos boasts most of the things that make for a great influencer destination: luxury hotels, fashion, picturesque street views in Hora, beaches, and fine cuisine.


In Little Venice, in Hora, where bars and restaurants serve you right on the water’s edge, and with a view of the island’s iconic windmills, you can enjoy one of the world’s most famous sunsets while sipping on cocktails.

Find our guide to what not to miss in Hora here.

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8 Vaporia, Syros

Strolling around Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros as well as the Cyclades, it’s difficult to believe that this town is still less than two centuries old. Rich neoclassical buildings with marble fittings, stunning mansions with imposing pediments, and stately houses with ornate corbels, all true works of art, adorn this town, much different from most port villages in the rest of the Cyclades (for the typical sugar-cube houses, head up to the village of Ano Syros).


For an amazing view of old, aristocratic 19th century mansions, built on a hill licked by the sea, head to the Vaporia neighborhood for a swim.

Read more about this here.

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9 Anafiotika, Athens

Greek instagrammers love the Plaka district, below the Acropolis, and especially the tiny neighborhood of Anafiotika, which looks just like a village on a Cycladic island, perched on the side of the Acropolis rock.


The exact location of Anafiotika is baffling, even for many Athenians, who may know of the neighborhood but not how to access it. In fact, it’s very easy: if you’re on pedestrianized Dionysiou Areopagitou Street near the Acropolis Museum, simply find Thrasyllou Street and walk uphill. When you see the tiny Church of Aghios Georgios of the Rock on your left, you’re there!

Here’s a list of other great spots, approved by instagrammers in Athens.

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