In Pictures: Lasting Impressions

Catch some of the city's best sights for photographs and memories to last a lifetime.


For Prodromos Nikiforidis and Bernard Cuomo, the architects behind the revamp of Thessaloniki’s waterfront, the objective was to establish a new urban balance with interventions that would not run against the ever-changing water element but, instead, adopt and absorb the scenery’s color and draw from its elegance. The duo succeeded as is clearly evident every sunset when locals head to the coast in numbers to walk, jog, dance, fish, or just gaze out into the distance.

SEE YOU at the Arch

Besides being a spot where pigeons like to gather, the Arch of Galerius is the city’s most popular meeting point. Spending a little time in Thessaloniki and not arranging to meet at the Kamara on at least one occasion is a highly unlikely prospect. Though the cement buildings that have sprouted around the monument would probably represent a drawback in any other city, they actually highlight the interaction of old and new.


You won’t find a more awe-inspiring view than from Trigonion Tower in the Upper Town. Get there in the late afternoon to catch the sunset painting the sea in gold, as the city transitions from day to night and Olympus, the mountain of the Gods, fades from the horizon.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Athos is one of the most sacred religious locations in the world. Its monastic community has survived without any break from tradition since the late 8th century. Today it is home to some 2,000 monks who lead an ascetic life dedicated to prayer and maintaining a human presence on the Holy Mountain. Located on the third leg of the Halkidiki peninsula, Mount Athos is a spiritual retreat and cultural treasure worth exploring, though this is a privilege restricted only to men. Others can view the area’s spectacular natural landscapes and architectural beauty from a distance, on boat tours from Ouranoupoli.


...boast Thessalonians of their favorite holiday destination, less than an hour’s drive from the city. Halkidiki is a sprawling peninsula comprised of three legs, each with its own distinct character, ranging from full-on tourist resort to nature wonderland. Halkidiki is endowed with some of mainland Greece’s most stunning beaches. All-year delights, Mount Holomon and the woodlands of Sithonia (pictured here) are perfect spots to
marvel at starry skies through tall planes and pine trees, while badgers, hedgehogs, foxes and fireflies come out to play.