Tiny Islands of the Dodecanese: A Guide to Marathi

For people who enjoy quietude and simple pleasures, it doesn't get quieter, simpler, or more blissful than Marathi, where all you need is a swimsuit.


GET AWAY FROM IT ALL: Clothes aren’t really necessary; a swimsuit is all you’ll need. Everything is within a radius of 50 meters. There’s no need to carry cash around either, as you get the bill at the end. Marathi is a destination for those who, rather than exploring new places every day, prefer to enjoy the tranquility of a sandy beach in a sheltered bay. However, a little exploration is possible – you can swim across to the rocky islet of Spalathronisi and take a look around, before making the swim back.

SIMPLE PLEASURES: When the sun sets behind Agrelousa, you really have the sense it is diving into the sea, leaving its red mark on the horizon. Walk up to the little church of Aghios Nikolaos, stand on the white-washed stones of the threshing floor, and connect with nature. Don’t bother taking a mobile phone. If you are more of an evening type, buy a bottle of wine and go to the church around midnight. The “red moons” of Marathi – in other words the full moons – are epic. You think you can touch them.


  • Area: 0.33 sq. km.
  • Population: 5 (2011 census)
  • Distance: 150 (sea miles from Piraeus)
  • Highest Peak: 47 m

BETTER THAN HOME: The baked bream prepared by Katina at Pantelis Taverna is in itself a reason to visit Marathi, as is her lobster pasta (it’s a secret recipe), her grilled fish and all the other simple yet exquisite dishes on the menu. Capers from neighboring islets feature in a delicious octopus salad. The greens and most of the vegetables are from their own garden, and they can show you where they collected the leaves to make their dolmades (stuffed vine leaves). For drinks, Luv All Sea Bar is just a few steps away. 

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