Looking Down in the Height of Summer

Greece's most gorgeous and unique seascapes are even more impressive when seen from above. Photographed from the sky, beaches reveal startling contrasts between the color of the sand and the tint of the sea. Only bird’s-eye views can capture the symmetry of beach umbrellas and the maze-like patterns of hill-top towns and villages that characterize of some of the Aegean’s most famed island destinations. This elevating collection of summertime aerial views by photographer Athanasios Gioumpasis will leave you walking on air and longing for the beauty of summertime Greece.


Umbrellas line the soft, cream-colored sand of windsurfer-friendly Kalafatis beach, on the cosmopolitan Cycladic island of Mykonos.


Swimmers enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Kavourotripes (also known as Portokali) beach in Halkidiki. Once a “secret paradise” because of its remote location, the spot has become increasingly popular among nature lovers for its white rocks and tranquil, sandy coves.


Perissa, one of Santorini’s best-known beaches, offers a dazzling contrast of emerald waters and dark grey sand. Another impressive feature is the giant rock of Meso Vouno that slides down to the sea.


Chora, the main town on the island of Ios, which pours down from the top of a hill. Filled with whitewashed houses in typical Cycladic architecture, Chora is a scenic maze of narrow streets and arcades, churches, windmills and ancient ruins.


Grey volcanic sand carpets Vlichada beach on the Cycladic island of Santorini, one of the world’s most coveted destinations. The wild beach is surrounded by high rocky cliffs that give it an other-worldly vibe.