We Have A Winner! The Reader Who Won a Free Trip to Athens

Many eyed the prize, but in the end there could be only one winner of our Free Trip to Athens giveaway.

We are happy to announce the winner of our summer 2017 contest and a free trip to Athens for two (selected through a random draw – thanks random.org).

Congratulations to Elena Ciubuc from Romania! We very much hope you and your plus one have a fantastic time in Athens. And of course you know where to get all of the best information about the best sights and funkiest hangouts…


And many many thanks to everyone else who took part in the contest. We loved reading your responses to our questions about why you would want to come to Athens (many were very moving!) and what sort of content you would like to see on Greece-Is.com. Your suggestions are very valuable and will help us to continue to improve Greece Is.

And keep checking back as we hope to offer more free trips and other prizes in the near future!

In the meantime below are some of our favorite responses to the question “The main reason I want to visit Athens is:”

 “Because I live the way contemporary culture blends with the ancient and makes it the funkiest town in Europe! Because Athens is the matrix of us all!” – Giulia D.

“Because I’d like to see and feel the city where the modern human with his values, which we appreciate, has started. The city for me is the cultural center of the humankind where I’d like to finally see what is a core of the cultural heritage.” – Viacheslav M.


“People love Athens or hate it, but, if you visit Athens, with an open mind, it’s hard not to fall in love. Athens is an awesome city and, now, is a great time to go. Prices are low, it’s, probably, less crowded, than it would be, if business was booming, and the people are some of the best I’ll meet.” – Doina Ana

“To introduce my wife to the city I discovered as a young archaeologist many years ago” – Andrew M.

“Because I met there my love.” – Roberta D.

“To visit the Acropolis Museum, stroll up to the Acropolis, watch sunset from the hill below, descend the stairs to Plaka for a fantastic dinner with retsina and bouzouki ❤️” – Caroline C.

“To watch rembetika in Exarchia, to eat at Argoura in Moschato, and to explore Philopappos Hill.” – Steven T.

“The light and how it embellishes each corner of this chaotic but strangely calming city. From the stark, pure morning light to the golden afternoon rays, the hue of Athens provides a mood, a perspective that can only be appreciated gazing upon her noble hills and paths.” Evangelos M.

“Athens is a capsule of what Greece is: Greek people, history, landscape, archeology philosophy, music, folk dance, and, of course, sizzling Greek cuisine. Now, I listed philosophy; frankly, where else can you get a lecture in a chance encounter with a stranger on a street? It’s in Athens.” – Zulf K.

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