Winter Destination for Foodies: Metsovo

A winery and hotel, a traditional taverna, and a shop selling fine local products of Metsovo, in the Pindus mountains.

At a guesthouse that loves to display art, you’ll find people in charge who seem to love a good night’s sleep! Your stay at Katogi Averoff promises rest and beauty. And that’s not all; in addition to a rich homemade breakfast served with freshly baked bread, fine butter and pure honey, your stay will, of course, include a lot of guaranteed good wine, since this happens to be a winery.

Red and white wines from some of the highest vineyards in the country will fill your glasses for as many days and nights as you choose to stay. A must during your time here is a guided tour of the wine-making facilities, suitable for all family members. The on-site store carries their top labels: limited production bottles of Floyero and Ginets, two fruitful wines that have wonderful acidity and firm bodies, despite their age.


Katogi Averoff: Tel. (+30) 26530.425.05, 26560.314.90

This year, the winery has launched three new wines that, in addition to being delicious to drink, will help support a charitable cause. From the sale of every bottle bearing the estate’s new “squirrel” labels, one euro (€1) will go to the program “The Black Squirrel Project,” for the care of stray animals in Metsovo.

At the new grocery store Gnision in Metsovo Square you’ll find local cheeses bearing the label of the Tositsa Foundation, a local dairy, including their famous smoked metsovone; their metsovella; this year’s geladisio, a new semi-hard cheese from 100% cow’s milk; and a parmesan-like cheese, Rezzana Tossizza, that’s aged 30 months and is crumbly and spicy, with a walnut flavor.

You can pair them with local wines from Katogi Averoff. Heading out, don’t forget to stock up on raspberry and blackberry jams from the Orifrum company, run by Apostolos Tritou, one of Greece’s first organic forest fruit farmers, who grows his fruit in Metsovo.


Gnision: Tel. (+30) 26560.427.65,

The best chops in the area are probably made in the nearby village of Anilio. In the traditional grocery-café Delfas, in operation since 1953, you can enjoy roast lamb, pork kontosouvli, and mutton chops, as well as some tasty appetizers.

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Delfas: Anilio, Tel. (+30) 26560.414.74

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