Papageorgiou: Making Exceptional Jams and Sweets in Thessaloniki Since 1926

When in the city, don't miss the opportunity to pick up some of Papageorgiou's exquisite jams, spoon sweets, loukoums and more.

With a history in confectionary spanning over three generations, Papageorgiou has been well rooted in the minds of Thessalonians for more than 90 years. A witness to all the major moments in the city over the last century, it remains a familiar brand name to both young and old.

Having rebranded all its product lines just last year, it has managed to remain modern and relevant to the needs of today. Papageorgiou’s large variety of top-quality jams, mostly made with locally produced fruit, are an excellent way to start one’s day. And the 10-plus different kinds of sweet preserves are a perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea or coffee, along with delicious loukoums that are full of taste and tradition.

Under the Greek hot sun in summer, there is nothing more refreshing than the original and tasty sour cherry juice that only Papageorgiou, with their vast experience in handling fruits and abundance of top quality sour cherries, can produce.

Last but not least, among the summer range products is the traditional fondant, in vanilla or mastic flavor, which children love to enjoy by the spoonful submerged in a glass of cold water.

Papageorgiou’s products are available in most supermarkets and the company also has its own store where you can find the whole range of its tasty products. The latter is located the heart of the city, at 11 Aghiou Mina, in an area that is quickly becoming the most popular place for the young and not so young. We highly recommend a visit.


11 Aghiou Mina, Thessaloniki

Tel. (+30) 2310.278.562


Open Mon-Sat 8:30-15:00, Tue, Thu, Fri 17:00-20:30

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