The Most Fashionable Sunglasses You’ve ever Heard Of

Designs by innovative Greek start-up Urban Owl will make you stand out of the pack

 Propelled into the design scene on the back of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Urban Owl is a business that has been catalyzed chiefly by its lucid vision – and not just because of its high definition (HD) lenses. The company’s handcrafted sunglasses, whose stylistic concept is inspired by urban lifestyle, have already become a coveted fashion item in Greece and Europe. The wisdom of the ancient Greek owl who accompanied Goddess Athena is reflected in the company’s owl-shaped designs. A stylistic throwback to the 1950s, they are guaranteed to leave your eyes relaxed and completely protected from the sun’s rays (the result of over 400 tests in Mediterranean sunlight), offering a crisp, vibrant and high-color view of the world.

Urban Owl was created by civil engineer Dimitris Diamantis and graphic artist Angelos Kalogeratos partly as a way of proving that Greece has a great deal to offer. “Breaking the stereotypes of financial misery and laziness, I wanted to demonstrate to Greeks that they can retain a sense of hope and keep pursuing their dreams,” Diamatis says. The company’s voguish “new retro” sunglasses, which are being successfully marketed in Europe, come at very competitive prices. The regular versions cost 95 euros, while 120 euros will get you a model with HD lenses, which also contain a blue light filter that neutralizes blue light from all sources, such as the sun and digital screens, preventing eye strain and fatigue. Remarkably, considering the norms in the globalized world of mass production, 38 of the 40 stages are done by hand, and all 40 stages are completed in Greece.

The young company bows to its customers preferences by allowing them vote on its new releases – many of which are the result of external collaborations with designers – by through its Facebook page Urban Owl eyewear.

You can browse designs and shop directly from the Urban Owl website:

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