Early Bronze Age Settlement on Daskalio “Exceptionally Important”

The tiny island of Daskalio in the Cyclades has been revealed to be home to the ruins of an ancient settlement with sophisticated building techniques.

The Culture Ministry Thursday announced the discovery of an “exceptionally important” Early Bronze Age settlement on the islet of Daskalio off the coast of Keros in the Cyclades group of islands during the Keros-Naxos Seaways research program – a four-year project being conducted by the British School at Athens and the University of Cambridge and directed by Colin Renfrew and Michael Boyd.

In a statement, the ministry described the finds made during the final phase of the project, which was completed in October last year, as “unprecedented” and, according to Renfrew, the site revealed highly evolved architectural techniques.

This article was first published by ekathimerini.com.

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