Oracle’s Oil: New Plan to Boost Delphi’s Olive Game

A new plan is in the works that would see Delphi become a center for promoting olives, olive oil and their health benefits.

By Yiannis Elafros

The olive-growing area of Amfissa at the foot of the world-famous 4th-century BC Delphi Sanctuary in central Greece, is to become a global ambassador for olives and olive products thanks to a proposal by Greek scientists that has been endorsed by Yale University.

Dimitris Kouretas from the University of Thessaly, Leandros Skaltsounis from Athens University, and Vasilis Vasiliou and Tassos Kyriakides from Yale conducted a study in which they propose measures to advance sustainable olive oil production and advertise the nutritional value of olive oil product. The plan also foresees the creation of a park and museum on the subject in the town.


Central Greece Governor Costas Bakoyannis said authorities are working to materialize the proposal. “We want to provide a holistic experience by combining agrifood with tourism and culture,” he said. “Amfissa’s high-quality olives and olive oil, meanwhile, will be wedded with the incredible Delphi brand,” he said.

The study will be presented at an international conference organized by the prestigious American university on October 3-4.

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