BY Greece Is

| Mar 15, 2017


Jimmy Fallon Sings About Greece’s Most Unpronounceable Food

Jimmy Fallon recently took aim at an issue that has long troubled non-native Greek speakers whenever ordering one of the country’s signature dishes: how the hell do you pronounce ‘gyro’?


Fallon tackles the quandary alongside country music star Luke Bryant in the ‘Official Music Video’ for ‘I Don’t Know How to Pronounce Gyro’.

“I was born in southwest Georgia / Always tried to make my daddy proud / But of all the things I learned there / Never learned how to say that word out loud,” Bryant laments. “I just want something to eat / Made with a vertical rotisserie of meat.”

“Is it gee-ro, jyro, here-o, or yai-ro? / Never been filled with so much doubt.”

Will the two reach some sort of consensus, or will they forever be trapped in a maddening limbo of maybe-soft-maybe-hard ‘g’s and vague ‘y’s? Watch the video to find out.