Alexia Amvrazi

BY Alexia Amvrazi

| Mar 18, 2016


Peace in the Puzzle: Healing via Skype

Trying out energy healing with Beva Sewell which promises to help clear and rebalance the energy field, the physical body and the mind.

When I heard of Athens-based, American energy healer Beva Sewell, I was intrigued to learn more about her, especially as she trained at the prestigious Barbara Brennan School, which offers students an intensive four year course in the healing arts, as well as being a formal student of Robert Monroe. When I contacted her and she told me that most of her therapy sessions are conducted from a distance, usually via Skype, I was even more curious to try it out.

“Working with my mastery of clairvoyance, astral projection, remote viewing, empathy, intuition, and higher self channeling I can, at a physical distance, attune to my client and affect change to the entire energy field,” she says, “and I can work with the client’s psychology that directly affects the emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.”

So what can one expect to occur during a session? I ask.

“I meet clients as they are, we connect fields, and the high vibratory frequency of my field begins to expose ‘shadow consciousness’, and the true self. Old blocked energy is released, what is called healing, and new awakened consciousness is accelerated, what is called awakening.”

Beva, whose own serious health issues were one of the main catalysts leading her along the energy healing path, also works with people who suffer from all sorts of physical ailments.

“Once I did the work and healed my own physical ailments, all of which were life threatening, I could not go back to the old reality, seeing the world through my physical eyes and physical beliefs,” she reveals.

After booking our session via email, we “meet” one afternoon on Skype and, after a few minutes of brief introductions, the session begins. Very early into the session, Beva tells me that my childhood self (aged 3-5 years) “is present with us” and that she is trying to tell me something. It turns out this 5-year-old-girl, who developed what Beva describes as a “survival mechanism,” is now asking to be released of this chore, as she has acknowledged that my experienced, capable, adult self can more than take it from here, thank you very much. I go with the flow and, through a series of breathing and meditational exercises, we “connect” outside of our physical bodies and work to clear this “agreement” that I made with my childhood self some 30 years ago.

Throughout I feel an intense light-headedness, which Beva says is a sign of releasing trapped energy and opening up, and a light buzzing current going through my body, from my first (base) chakra all the way up to above my head. At some point Beva asks whether she can lay her hands on me and when I agree, I feel a strong wave of ticklish tingles on my shoulders – when I asked her where she laid her hands and she told me they were resting on my shoulders, I felt goose bumps.

Our session included more revelations and visions about me from Beva that I would rather not share here, and many of them were based on very specific information that she “saw” in my energy field. With Beva, I felt things happening in and around my physical body during our session (now over a month ago – I wanted to wait and see whether the effects would last) and ever since. I have indeed felt like a weight has been lifted from me, and my outlook, and reactions in many situations, has, surprisingly, changed to a considerable degree (for the better).

Energy healing is for everyone, but at the same time, it’s not. You definitely have to be open minded, and accepting of the process, rather than shrouded in cynicism (which usually originates from the fear of losing control or being hurt, exposed or humiliated somehow). To me it all makes sense on a very metaphysical level, considering that we, and everything around us, are energy, thus  intent, thought or a push of any form of energy, inevitably impacts the course of all other energy around it, as even quantum physics suggests (brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED Talk offers a deeply moving and phenomenal perspective on how all is energy.) We all carry useless trapped thoughts and energy in our bodies and minds that, like hideous, dusty clutter in the physical space we live in, cause messiness, obstacles and prevent energy from flowing evenly.

The point is, if energy healing works for you and is effective in ridding you of emotional of physical problems, then it works for you. Is it a placebo or real? That’s up to each person to decide, but only once they have tried it.

We asked Beva Sewell for her top 5 wellness tips for Greece Is readers:

1. Healing as a reality

Healing is about experiencing a team of health. Choose a well balanced group to support your whole being, no single professional can be responsible for your wellness.

2. Mental health

Send all history, everything from the past, into the mental and energetic space of the back of your head, known as the chakra ‘6b’. Create for yourself a ‘library’ for which to hold your history in a sacred and respectful way. When this is done, the 6th chakra, or 3rd eye, can become present in the unfolding now, effectively changing your life, your perspective and your limited reality instantly. Freed from past clutter, the 3rd eye (6a) can begin to create the life you are meant for. When you wish to be in hindsight, visit the library. Otherwise, you are in a state of projection, which is nothing short of a waking nightmare.

3. Guidance

You know inside of you exactly what to do, through your intuition and inner wisdom. Stop doing anything else, tolerate that knowing, give it space, and watch it effortlessly flow into your life.

4. Life of purpose

Self expression is the spirit dancing in tune to personal truth, which feels exquisite, alive and free. Everything else is a false, self-constructed reality that your ego, in fear of annihilation, has created to keep you (uncomfortably) comfortable.

5. Get out of denial

If it hurts, you need healing.

Beva Sewell runs workshops in Athens. She books sessions in person, over Skype or from a distance, and by email.

She works with individuals, couples and groups.