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BY Greece Is

| Aug 08, 2022


Doing the Right Thing with the Parthenon Marbles

The UK newspapers have all been buzzing this week with the suggestion that the British Museum may be ready to discuss the return of the Parthenon Sculptures with Greece. This all arose after the new chairman of the BM Trustees, George Osborne, said that there is a “deal to be done” over sharing these ancient treasures with the country of their origin. This comment was followed by an interview for…

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BY Alexandra Tzavella

| Oct 13, 2015


To the Rock with a Hat!

Unless you want to end up in bandages or worse, remember to cover your head and your feet when attempting to scale the Acropolis in the summer. The shortest way to get from antiquity to the accident and emergency department of an Athens public hospital is to wear the wrong footwear.

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