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BY Amber Charmei

| Mar 24, 2017


So, You Think You Can Dance…

As an international destination for exuberance, Mykonos always had a native advantage. It’s not as though the jet set came in and superimposed music and dance on an island of quiet shepherds and weavers. There are of course still shepherds and weavers – they’re just not quiet.

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BY Maria Coveou

| Feb 01, 2017


This Greek Pianist’s Music will Blow your Mind

Rising star Tania Giannouli and her ensemble make waves in the international jazz scene with an album that’s so much more than jazz.

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BY Maria Coveou

| Oct 19, 2015


Lindy Hopping the Greek Way

30s swing dance is the most recent dance craze to hit Greece If you find yourself downtown wondering which bar to choose and you happen to hear swing music coming out of some joint, chances are there are Lindy hoppers swinging inside. So hop in, grab a drink and sit back because you are in for a treat. You’ve just landed in one of the countless weekly parties of the…

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