Cycladic Island of the Day: Delightful Donoussa

More and more people are finding their way to this Cycladic gem. These are the insider tips we give our friends.

Where will I find the old, quiet Donoussa?

If the crowds that have been gathering on the island over the past two years seem excessive, try this: a path begins from Stavros, traverses the wild, northern side of the island and ends at Kalokaritissa (approx. 1.5 hours). The three wonderful beaches and Mitsos’ taverna (Tel. (+30) 22850.51522) will compensate for the effort.

Where can I enjoy a more particular meal?

Avli (Tel. (+30) 22850.51557), a veranda patio with views on Stavros port, offers a chic atmosphere that does not invite swim trunk-wearing and barefoot diners. Indulge in creative seafood dishes with Cycladic primary ingredients. All wines, beers, distillates, even the soft drinks, are domestically produced.

How shall I spend my evening?

Corona Borealis (Tel. (+30) 22850.52212) is exactly how we imagined our summer nights to look like when trapped in the depths of winter. Exceptional music selections from owner Dionysis Fragopoulos and great cocktails on the beach. An evening swim in the ice-cold waters of Stavros is a gamble not everyone is willing to take.

You can read more about Donoussa here.

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