Cycladic Island of the Day: Family-Friendly Sifnos

What should you eat, what should you buy, and where can you snap the best photos while on the island of Sifnos? We've answered your questions.

Where can I take the perfect photograph?

At the Church of the Seven Martyrs, which is surrounded by water and located in the most well-illuminated part of the island. Combine with a walk through the picturesque winding streets of Kastro, the island’s former capital. Sunset photos at Kamares beach will also ensure you loads of likes. Swimmers leave here early so you will most likely enjoy nature’s marvel almost in private.

What should I buy?

Artifacts crafted by the island’s famed ceramists. There are dozens of workshops to choose from: At Atsonios located in Tsopos and in operation since 1870, you will see the ceramist at work and the age-old restored chimney in action, and possibly have the opportunity to try your hands at pottery and make your own ceramics.

For more modern creations featuring wonderful decorative details, head to Sifnos Stoneware in Agia Anna.

The island is the birthplace of Tselementes (influential 20th century Greek chef). What food should I try?

Indulge in the famous revithada (baked chickpea stew), mastelo cheese and other traditional fare at Kelari (Tel. (+30) 22840.32268) in Kato Petali. Black manoura is a relatively unknown cheese reserved for genuine cheese lovers, as it is ripened in wine lees. You will find it in dairy stores, grocery stores and tavernas.

Any worthwhile hiking?

In the morning, before the sun becomes too strong, follow the paved footpath from Glifo beach, under the Lighthouse, leading to Apokofto beach at Hrisopigis. Enjoy this short walk that runs past the loading ladders of the old mines and Agios Haralambos, with great views. For longer hikes, visit


You can read more about Sifnos here.

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