Mykonos’ Greek Hangover Treatment

A morning menu based on Greek products, specially designed so that you’ll never have to regret the night before.

A big night out is part of every vacation on Mykonos, and the morning after is unavoidably part of the experience, too. We all know the symptoms: a heavy head, queasy stomach, dehydration, photosensitivity – all the results of the chemical changes in our body from what we consumed the night before.

Scientifically speaking, the hangover is a “disease” without a cure. The best that you can do is put your trust in family remedies or google “how to cure a hangover.” Most tips are more or less common knowledge: plenty of liquids for dehydration; soup or milk to calm the stomach; fructose, sesame and tahini to help to speed up the metabolism of toxic substances; proteins, like eggs, to revive the body, and probiotics to assist in restoring digestive function.


After a night involving a lot of drink, there’s nothing better than a restorative meal. Not many hotels on the island serve a simple breakfast. After all, who would wake up in time for that? Instead, they offer a meal that more closely resembles brunch.

The Gastronomy Club of Mykonos – whose members are all food professionals – has gone one step further. It has created the “Reveler’s Breakfast,” a call to forget croissants and bacon for the moment, and to try some classic Greek tastes in their place. With products such as local charcuterie, cheeses, yogurts and savory pies, and with further help from the omnipresent Greek extra virgin olive oil, even the most miserable of morning-after patients will start to feel, from the first bite they take, the beneficial effects of the Greek hangover treatment.


Central Café 

Dishes that showcase Cycladic and Mykonian flavors. New Peripheral Road, Argyraina, Chora, Tel. (+30) 2289.077.306


The Liberty Breakfast Room

With a clear focus on the richness of Cycladic products, augmented by international influences. New Peripheral Road, Vougli, Chora, Tel. (+30) 2289.024.005

Wolves of Kitchen

Big brunch menu in this new all-day restaurant, including traditional pies and fried breads, energizing drinks with fresh fruit, and a “Hangover Helper” that includes an omelet, fresh cheese and vegetables. Ornos, Tel. (+30) 2289.023.529


Breakfast-oriented and with an emphasis on healthy eating, this trendy yet casual place features a vegan-friendly menu with super foods and ingredients like Spiroulina and vegetable proteins as well as local goods. New Peripheral Road, Ornos, Tel. (+30) 2289.077.659


Cockerel broth with lemon and breadsticks, served with kopanisti (a local salty, spicy cheese); or fresh fruit juice; or warm milk with honey.


Mostrakia (rusks) with grated tomato, xinotyro (local whey cheese) and basil; or sesame koulouri (bread ring) with graviera (yellow cheese) from the Cyclades.



Scrambled eggs with tomato; or omelet with fennel and kopanisti; or croque madame à la Mykonienne (leavened bread, ham, fried egg, Cycladic graviera and tyrovolia (a soft mild cheese made of goat or/ and sheep’s milk).


Rice pudding; or tyrovolia with honey and sesame; or Mykonos yogurt with fresh or dried fruit and roasted almonds.

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