Into the Blue: Cruise the Coast of Rethymno

One of the best ways to explore Rethymno's coast is by sea. Discover dazzling locations on a tourist boat, or on a private yacht with family and friends.

One way to explore the coast to the east and west of Rethymno is by boat. From 90-minute trips to full-day excursions, a handful of operators based in the marina can transport you to gorgeous swimming, snorkeling and fishing spots. For eager sightseers, a cruise gives a unique view of the city, and literally, a different perspective on Rethymno, nestled under Mt Vrysinas.

Travelling east, the gentle landscape of rising hills is dominated by Mt Psiloritis, Crete’s highest peak. Head west and it’s the looming majesty of the Lefka mountains in the distance that stirs the soul. Popular spots to visit on the eastward trips include vast hidden caverns once used by pirates, and the Camarola Arch, a remarkable rock formation. Journeys west go to Gerani, and as far as Kefalas Bay, north of Georgioupoli.

Dolphin Cruises (Tel. +30 28310.576.66) operates the Dolphin Express and the larger Captain Hook pirate ship. Tickets can be bought from the kiosk at the marina’s entrance. Prices start at 10 euros for a one-hour cruise. Longer journeys (35 euros) include a barbecue lunch. Kids’ tickets are half-price.

Note: Boats only go out in calm conditions and are sometimes cancelled due to swells.

For a private cruise, Rethymno Cruises (Tel. +30 28310.286.52) has boats for up to 11 passengers from 400 euros for a half-day. Fly Private Yachting (up to 10 people – Tel. +30 698.437.3610) offers a half-day cruise from 500 euros. For serious luxury, check out SeaJoy Yachts (Tel. +30 697.012.3300).

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