Ergon Mykonos & COCO-MAT Celebrate Natural Materials

The Greek design brand Ergon Mykonos is teaming up with COCO-MAT to create a series of installations celebrating natural materials and ancient crafts.

Everything design brand Ergon Mykonos creates, from interior design projects to clothing, shoes, fabrics, ceramics and other items for the home, is inspired by Greek history. Influences from ancient art, philosophy, science, and architecture are especially prominent.

Their latest clothing collection, “The Athenians”, is inspired by art forms developed during two historic periods: the red-figured vases of the Golden Age of ancient Athens (ca 5th century B.C.), and the poetry of the early 20th century.

The designs of the fabrics, with their colors and patterns showcase these artistic influences and create a new form of art, merging history, literature and fashion. The garments are loose and wide, inspired by ancient dresses and ideal for hot climates.

Aside from the cuts and patterns, the inspiration from ancient handicrafts is also seen in the choice of materials. As with the brand’s successful previous collections, the use of natural and handmade fabrics stands out. The company is famous for their 100% pure cotton fabrics which let the body breathe, woven on looms inspired by those used in Hellenistic times.

This summer, Ergon Mykonos joins forces with furniture company COCO-MAT, to present a series of art installations at the COCO-MAT concept store & hotel.

In various areas of the hotel, the installations will incorporate pieces from the “The Athenians” collection and the renowned furniture company’s pillows and unique wooden bikes; the aim is to showcase how art can be formed through the use of natural materials and handmade processes.


Like Ergon Mykonos, COCO-MAT is known for their use of natural materials in everything from their quality mattresses to their wooden furniture, and the interior design of their hotel.

The installations will be on display from the 15th of May until the 15th of September, and will feature a different theme every month.


Ergon Mykonos Flagship Store: Florou Zouganeli 23,84600 Mykonos

Showroom: Thiseos 20 & Kolokotroni,10562 Athens

COCO-MAT Hotel Athens: Patriarchou Ioakeim 36, Kolonaki, Athens

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