The Project Garments: A Greek Online Shop for the Man of Style

This Greek e-shop is making it big in the US, selling clothing, grooming essentials and accessories for men for whom style is a life choice.

The online shop sells everything from organic cotton clothing to Polaroid cameras, slick bikes, beard moisturizer, and socks in Pantone shades… You could call it hipster, but founder Periklis Georgopoulos didn’t develop The Project Garments with the intention of building a shop for a certain type of person.

Having returned to Greece after eleven years in Milan and four in England, studying economic management and strategic fashion marketing as well as working for Louis Vuitton, he founded the site with a simple intent: to fill the gap in the Greek fashion market for men’s clothing. His products ended up filling a need on the international one as well. 80% of The Project Garment’s customers are abroad – 60% of them in the US.

It started with the garments. Taking pride in the quality of the fabrics, the clothes are made of unique blends of silk, modal, linen, cashmere, and organic cotton. Georgopoulos is especially attached to their organic cotton blend, made with Supima cotton (the world’s finest cotton, he stresses), and fairtrade CmiA (cotton made in Africa).

The style is casual, simple daywear for a relaxed yet active lifestyle. Such quality doesn’t come cheap, but to the company’s enthusiastic customers, the prices are reasonable.

Everything you Need / Want

So how did the site come to also sell hipster must-haves like bartending utensils, scents like Tonka (from Laboratory Perfumes) and Patchouli (from Murdock London), Italian truffle shavers, and ecological sneakers?

“People don’t want to have to visit a number of e-shops when they shop – they want it all in one place, so we went for a 360° shopping experience,” Georgopoulos explains.

They slowly started adding accessories that their customers wanted, and that they thought would match the clothes. Then more things were added, all from top quality brands. The latest addition to the site is the Foodcourt section, selling delicacy foods like Qnola (quinoa granola), whisky pickled carrots, Himalayan salt blocks, and hard candies.

Among the rest of the top shelf, famous brands sold on the site is another Greek product: raw honey from the brand Eulogia. “It’s an incredible product from a producer with a story – that’s the kind of brands we work with.”


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