Typography meets Design with These Alphabet-Inspired Creations

The new design brand Elly K P creates home design items inspired by the Greek alphabet.

We can all remember the time when we were first learning to read. A new world unfolded as letters went from being just marks on paper to sounds, to parts of words, to stories, information, and communication. It’s a personal experience, yet it’s shared by all.

Inspired by the pure lines and the nostalgia that comes with looking at the familiar symbols of the alphabet, Elly Kiriaki Papapostolou, the designer behind the brand Elly K P, has created three pieces of home design that celebrate the building blocks of the written word for contemporary homes. Specifically, her pieces have the shapes of letters from the Greek alphabet. The Pi side table, the Xi vase, and the H bookend are made to order, quality pieces in marble-white.


While the π table is an eye catching and elegant piece of furniture, the smaller pieces are perfect for gift giving. “The Greek alphabet,” the designer says “is interesting as a theme for smaller items, which can double as souvenirs”.

Little birds tell us that more letters will soon be added to the collection, and a completely new collection is also on its way.

The Pi side table

The letter Pi (π) is a much celebrated symbol in mathematics, and familiar to all. The delicate pi side table is made out of plywood, with a lacquer finish. Its dimensions are: H 400mm x L 400mm x W 400mm

The Xi vase

The Xi (χ) vase is contemporary piece of home design that plays on the balance of the letter’s geometry. The material, Krion Solid Surface, resembles the famous Athenian white marble, but is warm to the touch. Its dimensions are: H 300mm x L 200mm x W 50mm.

The H bookend/paperweight

The H bookend/paperweight might look like a capital latin h, but in Greek, it is the vowel “ita”. The material is Krion Solid Surface resembling the famous Athenian white marble, and weighs one and a half kilos. Its dimensions are: H 150mm x L 142mm x W 124mm

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