The New York Times Samples Greek Wines

The Greek winemaking revival is real, and most Greeks know it. But what will it take for it to be recognized internationally?

The experts have been convinced. Now, can the public be won over? Of course, everyone’s hoping that varietals such as Assyrtiko, Malagousia and Xinomavro will soon become familiar to international restaurant goers, but will quality be enough?

In an article published in the New York Times on Wednesday, the difficulty to pronounce the Greek labels, along with people’s general tendency to be intimidated by wine, are presented as reasons why the new generation of Greek winemakers might still be facing a difficult road ahead. But the article, which focuses on the opening of a new restaurant in Astoria, is also a loving homage to Greek wines.

The NYT reporter joined restaurant owner Chris Kouvaros, chef Nicholas Poulmentis, and a group of wine experts for an evening of food and wine pairing at restaurant Akrotiri, which is set to open on March 15th. Poulmentis, who is famous for presenting bold flavors and modern Greek cuisine, shared his anxiety about the wine list, saying that he knows that people won’t recognize the wines, but like the rest of the group, he expressed great enthusiasm for the quality and the flavors.

To see which wines they tried and loved, read more here.

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