Running in Nature at the Lake Beletsi, North of Athens

A challenging course winding its way through beautiful scenery await runners at the 7th Lake Beletsi Race, in the northern suburbs of Athens.

On the morning of Sunday, September 26, the Agon Athletic Association will hold both a 6K run and a 10K run, commencing at Lake Beletsi Lake in Hippokratios Politeia, north of the city of Athens. This small lake boasts quiet blue-green waters surrounded by verdant hillsides. Migratory birds rest on its banks, and carp, eels and turtles swim in its waters.

The lake is man-made and was constructed over the years 1973 to 1975 as a water collection site for road projects carried out in the area, with the idea that it would act as a future wildlife habitat. (There are, however, those who say the lake was created more or less by accident during construction works, when both the natural flow of spring waters in that area and the runoff from rainwater were blocked, and the lake was formed.)


Both races will start and end at the lake, which sits at an elevation of 600m. Fortunately, neither route was affected by this summer’s wildfires.

In light of current health concerns, the event will take place under the strict conditions set by the relevant authorities. This means that, to participate, runners must produce either a valid vaccination certificate or a negative test result. Test results can be from a molecular PCR test, a Rapid Test, or a self-test, administered within a 72-hour, a 48-hour or a 24-hour time frame respectively. 

You can find more information on the races here, while more information on Lake Beletsi can be found here.

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