Matthew McConaughey Talks About His Greek Vacation with Jimmy Fallon

The actor visited the country with his family, and with his longtime friend, Woody Harrelson. Here's what he had to say about it.

The Oscar-winning actor and human embodiment of southern charm, Matthew McConaughey stopped by the Tonight Show recently to promote his new film, White Boy Rick.

Yet his entertaining, freewheeling discussion with host Jimmy Fallon also touched on a number of other subjects, including how he became a taste tester for Wild Turkey, as well as the vacation he took with his family over the summer to Greece, which he described as “paradise”.


“Greece is beautiful,” the actor said, “It is inherently generous. The sea doesn’t bite, the air doesn’t bite, the land doesn’t bite; people love family. If you take – the eldest female, which was my mother, is always the queen in any situation.”

While he does not specify where in Greece they visited, the family was spotted on both Mykonos and Antiparos over the summer. McConaughey was also joined by his longtime friend and fellow Hollywood A-lister, Woody Harrelson.

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“Now Woody is the kind of guy, Woody’s the kind of guy that if you rent the place, but he shows up before you get there, he will take the master bedroom,” McConaughey said to laughter.

In a video posted to social media, both stars could also be seen taking part in game of barefooted soccer on Antiparos.

In fact, the McConaugheys enjoyed their time in Greece so much that on the day of their departure they decided to stay on for another week:

“We’ve had a great three weeks. We’ve had such a good three weeks that we decide when its time to go, man let’s push this and do this another week.”

While McConaughey’s mother was close to torpedoing that idea, his wife managed to convince her to stay by promising her a visit to a nail salon and extra pilates on the beach.

Watch the video above to see the full interview. The conversation about Greece begins at the 2.34 mark.

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