Strapatsada, aka Kagianas: Greek Scrambled Eggs with Tomato Recipe

This traditional Greek version of a classic breakfast dish is simple to whip up, and proves that eggs can be served at any time of the day.

This flavorful Greek version of scrambled eggs is made with plenty of delicious fresh tomato, and often some crumbled feta cheese. In the Peloponnese, where it is particularly common, it’s known as as “kagianas,” from the Turkish word for omelet (“kaygana”), while in the rest of the country, it’s usually referred to as “strapatsada,” a name that comes from the Italian word strapazzare, meaning scrambled.


Cut your tomatoes in half and discard the seeds. Grate them or chop them finely. If using canned tomatoes, discard most of the juices from the can, and chop finely.

Heat the olive oil in a large pan over high heat.

Pour your tomatoes into the pan, and season with salt and pepper.

Cook, stirring occasionally, until the juice from the tomatoes has evaporated, and they start to stick to the pan. This should take about 8-10 minutes (don’t overcook them, so as not to lose the fresh flavor of the tomato).

Beat the eggs lightly and add them to the pan.

Cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, until the eggs are cooked through. Add the feta cheese towards the end, if using.

Top with some fresh herbs (optional) and serve with some nice crusty bread.

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Ingredients (Serves 4)

3 large, ripe tomatoes (or good quality whole canned tomatoes)

8 eggs

salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsp. olive oil


feta cheese, crumbled

herbs: basil, oregano, mint or thyme

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