Piraeus Metro: Shops and Bites Near Dimotiko Theatro Station

It’s easier than ever to travel to Piraeus. Here are some of our favorite stops, right on the city’s new doorstep.

There’s a sense of victory in the air in Piraeus at the moment, the kind that only ever follows a big win by the Olympiakos football club. This time, however, the good news that’s put everyone in such a happy mood is arguably more important – if nothing else, more lasting. After years of delays, the new Piraeus metro stations, three new stops on the blue line, have finally opened.

The news follows last year’s inauguration of a section of the coastal tram line, a circular route around Piraeus, which has made it easier for locals to get around, and also for visitors to get an overview of the city. Meanwhile, the blue metro line (line 3) connects the Athens International Airport and central Athens with the new stations Maniatika, Piraeus (at the port), and Dimotiko Theatro. The port station, providing tourists with a direct link between flights and ferries, is perhaps the most important overall. But for the Piraeus locals, it’s the end station, the Dimotiko Theatro (Municipal Theater) station in Korai Square, that’s caused the most excitement.


As the construction site walls were removed, space and air returned to the city’s central square, making visible the many stores and eateries that surround it, as well as the theater for which the station is named. Itself unveiled after renovations just a few years ago, the late 19th-century theater, with its Corinthian-style columns, is one of Piraeus’ most impressive architectural sights. Opposite its steps, between two new fountains in the center of the square, stands a statue of the statesman Eleutherios Venizelos, for whom the Athens International Airport is also named – symbolic, one might conclude, of the new link between the locations.

Take the train here to discover all the port city has to offer. Below are some of our best tips for things to eat and buy around the station, to get you started.

Nearby Bites

There’s a lot to do and see in Piraeus, so dedicating a full day to it is not a bad idea. If you take the metro here in the morning, there’s no better place to enjoy breakfast than at the milk and pastry shop Stani, ideally located on Korai Square. A family business operating since 1933, here you’ll taste excellent traditional Greek yogurt with thyme honey and walnuts and a delicious rice pudding. This is also a great place to try some syrup-based desserts like baklava, and kaimaki (mastic flavored) ice cream.

If you prefer to get your energy on the go, Sötdag, another shop in the square, sells espresso, chocolates, and forty different kinds of breakfast bars, made in a small workshop in Kallithea.


For lunch or dinner near the station, try Arlekinos, on pedestrian Karaiskou Street, just off the square. They serve meze and meat dishes with a contemporary twist, in a space decorated to feel like a traditional home. A stone’s throw away, some of Athens’ best smash burgers are grilled at Smash Project, which is currently undergoing a makeover and soon to reopen in a shared space with Luigi’s Fresh Pasta.

Another great option, especially for souvlaki lovers, is located right behind the Municipal Theater. Ti Pita Travas serves only a few things: travihti (pulled) pita bread, grilled meat skewers, and kefalotiri cheese, the way they’re enjoyed in the Peloponnesian region of Mani. The dough for the pitas, named for the way the dough is pulled before it’s fried, is prepared every three hours and cooked fresh when you order. It’s served with a generous sprinkling of coarse salt and oregano – no sauce needed. All ingredients, including the meat, are sourced in Mani.

Find a list of great tavernas further from the station here.


The Municipal Theater station is located in the center of the Piraeus shopping district, where you’ll find numerous stores along Sotiros, Vasileos Georgiou, and Iroon Politechniou streets. At Kefi Concept Store, housed in a small space on the ground floor of the actual Municipal Theater, you’ll find some of the best souvenirs we can think of, made by local designers. Notable are the ceramics from Tomy K, Ioulia Geraski and Spilled Milk Porcelain; the adorable kids’ sandals from Konstantina Schiza; and the bold unisex clothing from the newly founded fashion brand The Norm.

Right next door, you’ll find a small store of Halva Drapetsonas. Founded in 1924 in the Piraeus neighborhood of Drapetsona, this company produces some of the best halva (sesame-based sweet) around, all still hand-kneaded in their local workshop (read more about them here). For more edible souvenirs, Gefsi, on Ipsilantou street, sells selected Greek products, including wines, along with a few foreign delicacies.

A beautiful walk

While the sea may not be within view as you emerge from the underground, access to the waterfront is one of Piraeus’ most attractive features. At Korai Square, you may be surrounded by stores and apartment blocks, but you’re also just a short walk from the sea. Rather than heading towards the port, take Vasileos Georgiou east, then Grigoriou Lampraki south, and within five minutes you’ll find yourself in the much more charming harbor of Pasalimani. A large natural circular bay with lots of space for pedestrians all around it, this is a favorite place among locals, who come here to walk their dogs, play with their kids, or just for a stroll.

If you’re up for a longer walk, you can continue west along the shore, via the Zea marina (ca. 20 minutes from the station), lined with cafés, bars, and restaurants (try Hams and Clams for modern seafood and Rockfellas for evening drinks with locals), to Peiraiki (ca. 1 hour from the station), where you’ll find most of the city’s best seafood tavernas (read about those here).

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