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BY Amber Charmei

| Oct 30, 2017


Learning to Laiki It: Getting the Best Out of Greek Farmers’ Markets

Actually, the best things in life are not free – you usually to have to

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BY Angelos Rentoulas

| Aug 31, 2017


Vacation Guide: How to Eat, Drink and Think Local

By seeking out local products you will not only eat and drink well on your holiday, but also be supporting the agriculture that gives life to the Greek countryside year round.

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BY Eleftheria Alavanou

| Nov 28, 2016


Greek Firewater at the Source

November is the month for distilling grape-based tsipouro and the villages of northern Greece are the best place to enjoy it.

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BY Maria Coveou

| Oct 19, 2015


Farmers’ Markets

Stroll and you shall find, if not fresh vegetables, at least a slice of the Greek psyche. If you are staying in the capital for more than a few days and have grown weary of museums and archaeological sites, you may want to spend a morning strolling around a farmers’ market (known in Greece as a “laiki agora” or people’s market). Farmers here typically sell their locally produced fresh fruit…

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