Fall in the Forest: Images of Greece Now

The crowns of the trees dazzle in all possible warm shades, while brown and yellow leaves carpet the ground… This is the Greek forests as they are right now, turned into gold.

Pangaio, Kavala

Pangaio may not be the most famous or tall mountain (it reaches just 1.956 meters above the sea), but in the fall, the forests on its slopes are magical. Particularly on foggy days, of which there are many, you feel as though the maenads and satyrs of Dionysus might suddenly appear from behind the trees to dance around you. This is, after all, where legend says his worshippers hosted their first rituals.

Parnonas, Peloponnese

Forests of chestnuts, walnut trees, firs and plane trees… Some shed their leaves in the fall, others their precious fruit. Hiking in the rich nature of the mountain around the villages of Tsintzina, Kastanitsa and Karyes is unforgettable.

Evros, Orestiada

Autumn arrives early in the area of ​​Orestiada. As there are no mountains or deep forests here, the first thing you’ll notice is the impressive poplars turning golden. They are cultivated in small groups, interrupting every now and then the vast flat landscape along the Greek-Turkish border.

Valia Kalda, Grevena

If we had to choose only one season to visit the Valia Kalda National Park, it would definitely be in the fall. In this “warm valley” (as Valia Kalda means in Vlach), with its dozens of tree species, including forests of European black- and Heldreich’s pine, as well as plane trees and beech, nature appears to be nothing less than an artist.

Skala, Vitsa, Zagori

Morning mist, humidity, bridges, fallen leaves on the cobblestones… The “Skala” is a picturesque, narrow, skillfully constructed stone pathway connecting the villages since before there were roads. Now they serve as wonderful walking routes. In Zagori, every season is magical, and so is autumn.

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