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Paulina Kapsali

BY Paulina Kapsali

| Aug 03, 2018


Hometown Update: Where to Go in Aegina This Summer

As opposed to wintertime on Aegina, when one must seek out the few pockets of life on the island, in the summer, the trick is the opposite: knowing where to avoid the crowds and which of the fully seated places are the best. While not crowded to the extent of the more famous island destinations, most beaches, restaurants and bars are busy – in August, part of your day is often…

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Sophia Dimitriou

BY Sophia Dimitriou

| Jun 16, 2016


Skopelos, the Island that will Keep you Coming Back

Located in the island group of Northern Sporades, Skopelos is one of the most alluring islands in the western Aegean Sea, and also the place where the famous movie ‘Mama-Mia!’ was filmed.

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Maria Korachai

BY Maria Korachai

| Feb 19, 2016


Aegina: Steak With a View

Catch the ferryboat from Piraeus to nearby Aegina and head to its highest mountain for a steak worth traveling for.

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