Say Cheese! Greek Cheeses Among the Best in the World

Taste Atlas have ranked thirteen of Greece’s cheeses on its list of the world's "50 Best Cheeses" - spoiler alert, feta's not one of them!

With Brazil’s Canastra in first place, Greece’s Kalathaki Limnou and Graviera Naxou claim second and third place respectively in Taste Atlas’ recent “50 Best Cheeses” list.

From the famous cheese-producing region of Metsovo in Epirus, northwest Greece, smoky Metsovone is ranked fifth-best in the world. Kefalotyri comes in 10th, and Graviera Kritis in 11th place. Galotyri is rated as 15th best and San Michali 16th, Kefalograviera 19th, Kopanisti 21st, Mytilinis’ Ladotyri 39th best, Crete’s Xynomizithra 42nd, Kasseri 45th and Anthotyro 46th.

But what about Feta? For all its international renown as the “Greekest” of Greek cheeses, the creamy, crumbly star of the ubiquitous Greek salad, how did it fare on Taste Atlas’ list?

Well, feta didn’t make it on the world’s 50 Best Cheeses list, but when it comes its global popularity, it fares excellently, according to another Taste Atlas report.


In a list of the World’s 100 Most Popular Cheeses, Feta is rated as the third most beloved cheese in the world, with a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

The list of 100 most popular cheeses offers a thorough account of each cheese, and even suggests food and drink pairings. Taste Atlas writes: “Feta is the most famous Greek cheese, affectionately called ‘the princess of cheeses.'”

The website suggests serving it with Fasolada (bean stew) and a Riesling (white) or Beaujolais (red) wine.

Kasseri from Thessaly is rated as the 18th most popular cheese in the world, Myzithra 37th, Kefalotyri 58th, Kefalograviera from Epirus 83rd, and Manouri from Thessaly 86th.

Taste Atlas rates Italy’s fresh Mozarella as the most popular cheese in the world.

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