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Gigi Papoulias

BY Gigi Papoulias

| Apr 10, 2020


Coronavirus Diary: Life in Athens in Times of (Another) Crisis, Day 31

Editor’s note: The following has been taken from the blog The Many Faces of (New) Athens by Gigi Papoulias. Raised in the US in a Greek immigrant family, Gigi now lives in Athens. She first launched her blog in 2012 to chronicle Greece’s financial crisis, and has recently been writing about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on life in the Greek capital. She has been providing regular and clear-eyed…

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BY Mariana Mégevand

| Mar 18, 2020


Quarantine Stories: My first Sunday in Confinement

These days, sitting on the balcony is as close as I can get to going outside.

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Paulina Kapsali

BY Paulina Kapsali

| Dec 15, 2017


All of the Taste, None of the Guilt – Eating Healthy in Athens

Greek food is the healthiest in the world,” my Greek friends would tell me, again and again. I knew there was something to it, having read about the Greek philosophers in school and the healthy diet they promoted. Pythagoras was vegetarian, and the Spartan diet is what

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Amber Charmei

BY Amber Charmei

| Oct 30, 2017


Learning to Laiki It: Getting the Best Out of Greek Farmers’ Markets

Actually, the best things in life are not free – you usually to have to

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Ioanna Fotiadi

BY Ioanna Fotiadi

| Apr 20, 2017


The Expat Sharing His Love of Greece Through Cooking Lessons

He came to Greece alone at the age of 17 after having lied to his parents. “I knew then that I wanted to live in Athens,” says Stephen Akehurst, now 38, as he welcomes me into a beautifully renovated space in the Greek capital, where he teaches Greek cooking to dozens of travelers

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Alexia Amvrazi

BY Alexia Amvrazi

| Mar 08, 2017


‘Young Vines’: Learning Through Play at Kokotos Estate

I’ve always dreamt of raising my child surrounded by nature, yet practical obligations have so far prevented us from escaping Athens into the countryside. So when I heard about ‘Young Vines‘, a program at the Kokotos Vineyard in which children engage in educational free play in a natural forested environment, my family and I didn’t think twice before hopping in the car for the 45-minute drive north to the area of Stamata. It…

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Nena Dimitriou

BY Nena Dimitriou

| Feb 13, 2017


Athens: The Next Foodie Destination

I spent twelve days celebrating capital’s gastronomic scene

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Maria Korachai

BY Maria Korachai

| Jan 10, 2017


Homemade Greek Food Just for You

Tired of restaurants? Book a cooking lesson and a delicious meal at a food blogger’s home

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