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BY Greece Is

| Sep 09, 2022


Leaving Room in Greece for Everyone

Labor Day, this year September 5, marks the “official” end of summer in the USA. Time for schools to start, for people to start thinking about the coming autumn and winter (always cold and snowy in Minnesota) and to look back at summer with nostalgia or regret. Summer 2022 was a glorious time for me! After three years of waiting and postponing due to Covid, I was finally able to…

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BY Greece Is

| Aug 08, 2022


Doing the Right Thing with the Parthenon Marbles

The UK newspapers have all been buzzing this week with the suggestion that the British Museum may be ready to discuss the return of the Parthenon Sculptures with Greece. This all arose after the new chairman of the BM Trustees, George Osborne, said that there is a “deal to be done” over sharing these ancient treasures with the country of their origin. This comment was followed by an interview for…

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BY Greece Is

| Nov 11, 2021


I believe in Greece

Every time I see the Parthenon it takes my breath away, never ceasing to inspire me. I walk around the perimeter of the Acropolis on which the Parthenon sits almost every day. It stands there in daylight as guardian over this ancient city and at night, a flood of light transforms it into a beacon. I do my best thinking near and around it. I am in Athens writing a…

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BY Stella Thomas

| Apr 06, 2021


Musing on the Greek Legacy in the Shadow of the Acropolis

How the ancient Greek virtues of wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice continue to inspire us in these challenging and uncertain times.

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BY Amber Charmei

| Oct 30, 2017


Learning to Laiki It: Getting the Best Out of Greek Farmers’ Markets

Actually, the best things in life are not free – you usually to have to

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BY Anthony Grant

| Sep 08, 2017


An Ode to Hymettus, the ‘Mad’ Mountain of Athens

Of the peaks that surround the Athenian basin, Mt. Hymettus is probably the least celebrated, yet it’s slopes are shrouded in magic and mystery.

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BY Paulina Björk Kapsalis

| Sep 04, 2017


Why I Love Being a Foodie in Greece

The Greek capital is becoming a foodie’s paradise, with a new generation of restaurants (and restaurant-goers) riding a wave of newfound creativity.

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BY Ioanna Fotiadi

| Apr 20, 2017


The Expat Sharing His Love of Greece Through Cooking Lessons

He came to Greece alone at the age of 17 after having lied to his parents. “I knew then that I wanted to live in Athens,” says Stephen Akehurst, now 38, as he welcomes me into a beautifully renovated space in the Greek capital, where he teaches Greek cooking to dozens of travelers

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